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Entrepreneur Mom (5 Tips To Balance The Act)

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If you are like me you enjoy the best of two worlds. I run my own financial service company and I am raising my seven-year-old son. I am passionate about both business and motherhood, but it can be difficult to split equal time between the two.  You feel like you’re being pulled in so many directions to do so many different things, and you want to make everyone happy. After a while you learn to live in chaos. A nice cup of coffee can make things good; a nice hot bath makes things better, but eventually you will have to come up with a balancing act that works for the long haul. I have come up with a few key things that help keep me balanced and I hope that they can help you out too.

#1 Practice ‘Self’ Care

If you are not good to yourself, you can’t be any good to anyone else. Take time at least once a day or once a week to do something special for yourself. Self care for everyone is something different. Spend a day at a spa, take a yoga class, meet a friend for lunch, take a coffee break or just read a book for an hour each day. Take time to relax and reflect on your needs.


#2 Be Organized

Much of your chaos can come from not being organized. Have a day planner or note pad that you record everything in that you need to do. Use tech gadgets (ipad, smartphone etc.) to create a calendar that goes everywhere with you. Use a large monthly calendar that you can hang up and look at everyday. Keep supplies available and in a place where you can immediately put your hands on them.

#3 Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

As a mother certain things with ALWAYS come first. If your child is sick or has to perform in the school play you want to be there. From time to time business is just as demanding. Set time boundaries so that you can care for your family and your business. My morning belongs to my son. I spend quality time getting him dressed, eating breakfast and driving him to school. I don’t start any business activity until 9 AM. There is no confusion or overlapping in priorities. Be sure to set strict time frames for business and motherly duties so the two don’t overlap.

#4 Negotiables and Nonnegotiables

There will be times with the lines will cross and you will have to make a little wiggle room.  Cook several meals on the weekends that can be quickly available through the week. Clean the house in sections each day vs spending an entire day doing it. Make a list each month of what you intend to get done. Then break the list down week by week, then day by day.

#5 Ask For Help

It’s very hard to succeed at anything without help, so communicate with your husband, partner or family members about how they can help you. Being a mom and an entrepreneur you’re juggling two full-time jobs. It takes great support in the middle to make each end work.

“Being an entrepreneur mom sometimes is overwhelming, balancing family to work and everything in between. If you can make through one day, one week or one month the simple fact that you’re doing it means you’ve mastered it well.”

Written by Beverly S. Davis

March 10, 2012 at 3:36 am

Posted in Life Balance

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