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Letting Go of The 5 Year Plan – Now Is The New future

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If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.

For twelve years I worked in corporate banking knowing everyday that eventually I wanted to have my own business.  As I moved from department to department I watched, listened and learned from some of the best leaders at three of the largest banks.  As a young female learning the ropes within the male dominated financial world I knew this was a valuable education in itself.  Each day was part of a bigger plan in creating my future as an entrepreneur.  I stretched myself to the limit everyday, stayed true to my goals and made sure everything did  equipped me for the future.  Any activity or action that doesn’t serve your higher goal is wasted effort.  Stay alert, on top of your game and be ready to step out on your own when the opportunity arrives.

The future is sooner than you think

Ten years ago it was acceptable to have a five to ten-year plan for your future, but today’s technology and innovative advances have changed the game of how short the future is. Today the scale for future goals has been shortened to one to five years and fastly shrinking. If you’re  still working on a five-year plan, the reality is that by the time your plan comes to  fruition your entire business idea could be obsolete.  There’s no time for putting your dreams on hold to support someone else’s. It’s fine to do what you can until you can do what you want, but to move to the next step you have to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself some tough questions: Is what I’m doing now helping or hurting my future?  What is stopping me from starting a business right now?  Making up your mind to do it is only half of the battle. Putting action behind your idea and taking responsibility for your results are the only way your ever going to make it a reality. Here are two major steps to take to get your future started today.

Create a real vision of your future:

  • Believe that you can achieve what you want. Believing in yourself is what motivates you to move forward. Begin to actually visualize yourself where you want to be and know that you can do it. Tunnel vision is key here, don’t let outside influences lead you to stray from your dreams.
  • You must know what  your big picture is, and what you’re trying to accomplish. Once you know what your vision for your future is you’ll be guided as to what steps you need to take to get you closer to your future goals.
  • Create a vision board. A physical daily reminder of what you’re working  towards will inspire you to keep moving. Seek a mentor or even a business coach to help guide you and keep you on the right path to meet your goals.

Make real moves towards your future:

  • Once you have established what exactly it is that you want to do,  you should make a list of goals to support your vision.  Start conditioning your mindto think positive thoughts and avoid negative thoughtsAvoid weak goals that are meaningless or don’t support to your goal.
  • For every goal you set, you should have an action that you’re doing now to help accomplish that goal.  This is the step that makes a dream reality. Start creating strategies related to your future goals and objectives. Make everyday count towards your future. Don’t just get through each day. Use where you are and what you’re doing as a learning tool to gain knowledge or experience that you can use in the future.
  • Set a start date. It’s ok if you have to change it the important thing is to put a time frame on your goals. You will be able to gauge where you are at and what needs to be added or taken away.  Also, setting a start date motivate you to work more diligently at gaining the skills and tools  you will need to be successful.

Written by Beverly S. Davis

April 30, 2012 at 12:39 pm

Posted in Entrepreneurship

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