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Successful Solopreneurs Think Like a Team

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There are three types of workers: those who get things done, those who watch things get done, and those who wonder how so much got done.

Running a successful business on your own is about discipline, your expectations of yourself and your commitment to being the best you can be. When we talk about the success of a business, we often talk about the team that is responsible for that success. Teamwork is the new business buzz word that supports the modern office model.  Most people work well when they are part of a supervised team, but as a solopreneur one of your best qualities is your ability to work well on your own. Although solo means you work alone, to get things done effectively you must think like a team.

As the definition of “team” goes through many changes, there are three staples that are considered the secret behind any successful team. Here are three keys to a solopreneur thinking like a team; a clear business plan with goals, defined roles and regular communication.

Clear Business Plan and Vision

It’s very easy to get caught up working in your business and forget to work on your business. Be sure to schedule at least one day a week  to review your progress and make sure you’re on target with your business plan and vision. Maybe there are some things you need to add or take away. How will you continue to grow your business?  What products or services do you want to add? On a regular basis keep yourself in check as to where your business is and where you want it to go. Make sure you have a clear business plan and a vision as to how it will unfold. This will make the process of getting there more effective and much more smooth.

Clear Set of Duties & Goals

On a successful team, the members know what each of their specific roles are  and what must be done to achieve their individual goals each day. Define what roles are needed on a  day-to-day basis. Clarity will reveal what roles you can take on a need to be delegated. Don’t accumulate unnecessary pressure by doing everything yourself.  Make a list of what needs to be done daily, monthly and even quarterly. Your primary goal as CEO is to focus on the stability and growth of your business. Solopreneurs benefit greatly from contracting out repetitive duties or projects that are outside your skills.  Be open to business to business sharing of both skills and ideas. As a solopreneur it’s important to align yourself with professionals who can act as team members without actually being apart of your business.

Clear Communication of What’s Going On

Just as any successful team you should be having a weekly meeting with yourself to look at what’s actually going on in your business.  Sit in your office, make physical and mental notes of what goals you have achieved and what you would like to achieve by the next meeting.  Take this time to reach out to any consultants, freelancers or vendors you have. Weekly meetings are a great opportunity to check on their progress as well as identify problems before they get out of control. Also, this meeting time can be a strong motivational tool to inspire those who work with you to keep up the good work.

Things to remember:

  • Make sure your office is equipped for you to work on your own. (tools, supplies, equipment, etc)
  • Focused on the task at hand.  Do the job right and do it the best you can..
  • Stay in touch with your clients/customers. Build strong working relationships.
  • Make sure you reward yourself for accomplishments.

As a solopreneur, you are accountable for your own successes. Self-accountability is a daily requirement for entrepreneurs. It’s easy to take ownership of successes but not as easy to take responsibility of failures. Be mindful of the decisions you make and your work ethic.  Self-accountability requires constant self-examination.

Written by Beverly S. Davis

June 30, 2012 at 11:10 pm

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