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Business Success vs Your Authentic Self: 5 Questions to Ask

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Entrepreneurship can get pretty tricky when your business crosses the threshold of humble beginning to success. Keeping your personal values and morals in check can be the most difficult thing you do everyday. While it’s important to separate your business life from your personal life, it’s even more important that you don’t become someone you’re not in order to obtain or maintain success. The foundation that supports authentic business leadership is based on your own personal beliefs and convictions.

One detour we take from authenticity is paying too much attention to the “noise” around us. Be sure to keep personal views and what others think in balance. The opinions of others represent the person giving them. Value your self and your choices enough that you are able to entertain them without being overly influenced. Remember to set professional boundaries.Don’t allow outsiders to get too involved in your business decisions. It’s OK to listen and hear other views but it’s critical to your authenticity that you have limits to the information others are privy to. Discuss business matters with a team member or a mentor.

Be true to yourself, your business and your customers by taking the time to build working relationships that allow who you “really” are come through. Do not hide behind an imitation of another successful brand. Be a living description of what you represent. Authentic leadership is who “you” are translated into.

As you ponder on authenticity, take a moment to ask yourself these questions and decide if you are on the right path to achieve the business success you want while remaining true to yourself.

    1. What are your most deeply felt values? Have your values changed since starting your business?
    2. Who are your team members? Is your team made of diverse members who support your values?
    3. Do you have Work/Life balance? Are you able to be yourself at home, work and within your community?
    4. What is your true motivation? Are you motivated by your own true passion for business or the success & passion you see in someone else?
    5. Is being authentic a priority in your life? Are you willing to pay the price as a business leader to stay true to yourself?iving a life from a place of who we really are and to allows others to be authentic as well.

Living our professional and business life from a genuine, authentic place of who we really are brings honest results to what we do. It also opens the door and allows others we encounter to be authentic with us as well.


Written by Beverly S. Davis

September 7, 2012 at 12:44 pm

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