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7 Great Tools For Entrepreneurs On The Go

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If you’re  running your own business and  need to be on the go a lot, then you probably have to take your office with you when you’re on the move. Today’s technology makes it easy to set up a mobile office so that you can take care of business wherever you are. Outside of your Smartphone there are many gadgets that can keep your business flowing even when you’re away from your office. You can have everything you need with you to stay on schedule with projects, check your mail and keep in touch with your colleagues and customers.

You need to have the right tools to be the most efficient. Don’t work hard, work smart.

Here’s a list of my top tools that keep me up and running on the go.

1.   Portable USB Scanner – The Neat Mobile scanner is perfect for the entrepreneur who’s always on the go. The slim, USB-powered scanner fits into your laptop case so you can scan documents, receipts, invoices etc. wherever you are.

2.   Portable HP or PlanOn Printer – If you need the ability to print while on the go, the most convenient option is a portable printer.  HP’s Officejet Mobile Printer is perfect if you’re traveling by car. Downside it doesn’t come with a battery but its compact, uses regular paper and inkjet cartridges.

3.   GoToMyPc – Allows you to remotely access your computer from any Internet-connected computer.

4.   Dropbox – An online backup option for Windows, Mac OS and Linux that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, and the ability to track changes. Files are also accessible through a web site and mobile phone applications.

5.   DocuSign – Perfect when you need to get documents signed and returned fast. Easiest, fastest, most secure way to get a signature—anytime, anywhere, on any device.

6.   FreeConference – Set up unexpected telephone conferences quickly using toll-free dial-in numbers. You can record the calls (free if you use the 800 service) and desktop sharing ($6.50 per use or $9 per month).

7.   Power Inverter – Working on the go you’ll need access to power. Radio Shack’s compact model is the perfect solution. It comes with a USB charging port that can handle most phones and electronic tools.

Written by Beverly S. Davis

September 14, 2012 at 5:05 pm

Posted in Entrepreneurship

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