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3 Steps To Making Your Passion A Reality

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When you understand the variety of ingredients that  make up a successful strategy, you are on your way to a once in a lifetime journey to make your personal passion a working reality. Stay focused and feed your inner self.  Define your passion. Keep a positive attitude. Perfect your skills, and execute your ideas quickly.

Running a successful business, like everything else in life, is based on a series of decisions we make. Our decisions drive the steps we take to move toward a certain goal. Fast decisions mean fast steps, which could cause us to quickly detour from our initial business goal, but in today’s business environment the one thing you can’t do is waste time. In this fast paced society it’s important that you focus your energy and make specific decisions that will  transform your passion into status the successful reality you want. Instant gratification has become a way of life, and so have the hard falls. Big is not always better and the fastest doesn’t always win the race. Being specific and resilient is key. It doesn’t take years to develop a plan to go from an idea to action.  Even if you’re just making small steps, they can quickly be transformed into huge leaps if the steps you take are the right ones.

What Is Passion?

It goes back to why you want to start a business in the first place. If it’s because you’re doing something you truly love, and you want to make a difference in other people’s lives than your on the right road. The more passion you have for what you’re doing the more successful you will be. Taking the time to grow slowly helps you to see, hear and learn as you go. You will also appreciate your success the more you have to work for it. Small steps are far better than no steps. Actions no matter or small are still the one thing that gets us from one place to another.

Ask yourself these questions .

    1. Is this something I want for myself or because of the success I see in someone else?
    2. Would I do this for free?
    3. Does this decision reflect who I truly am?
    4. Am I satisfied just knowing you I can help someone?
    5. Am I willing to give 100% of myself to this endeavor?

Here are three steps to make your passion a reality:

1. Keep A  Positive Attitude:

Your attitude can be your best asset or your worst enemy.  It’s easy to give in and feel defeated when things start to get difficult.  To keep moving forward in your quest you need to be your own cheerleader, believe in yourself and trust your gut. Keep positive people around you. They don’t have to share your passion, but they must be passionate about something. Motivation and drive is contagious. make every effort to make it a permanent part of your daily life. Stay focused on your goal and know that stumbling blocks are learning opportunities that will help better you in the end.

2. Explore Your Passion:

Each one of us has a sweet spot. Make a point to go out and discover all of the possibilities within your passion. Get involved with people who share your passion. Keep up to date with how your passion can help others. Commit to meet new people, attend professional and community take part in webinars, sign up for newsletters, join organizations, fan pages to engulf yourself in your passion. Stay diverse. Look into how you can work with other cultures and business sectors. There are many ways to explore before you make the leap to start. Try volunteering, consulting or temporary work within your field.  By thoroughly exploring your passion, you continue to feed your passion, learn more about how you can use it , more people will know you and what you have to offer.

3. Put Action To Your Execution:

Having a. business plan on paper is still the number one way to map out your path, but no business plan will work if it’s never executed. Accountability is a key factor in the action of actually getting started. Put action-oriented vocabulary in your business plan. Detail things that you can do now and not in three to five years. Focus less on the written business  ideas and more on organizing your actions. Think quick and act even quicker. One competitive advantage that new businesses have over established companies is wiggle room to work the kinks out of ideas.  In his book Making Ideas Happen (Portfolio, 2010), Scott Belsky introduces The Action Method for entrepreneurs and professionals to get things done. Don’t get stuck in the idea syndrome of planning. Put the fire under your feet  and skip to the doing

Written by Beverly S. Davis

September 21, 2012 at 12:33 pm

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