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5 Ways to Turn Business Obstacles into Triumph

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“In a crisis, be aware of the danger–but recognize the opportunity.”  – John F. Kennedy

Too often when starting the journey of entrepreneurship, people see obstacles as a set-back keeping them from reaching their goal. The focus is on the negative result we may have received instead of the positive lesson we should be getting out of it to move forward. Obstacles are just feedback from that show you how and where you need to adjust what you’re doing. View every obstacle or limitation as a challenge to develop creative ways to work-around them. Embrace obstacles; use them as key factors to your strategy, inspiration and ultimate success.

When you start a business one of the biggest mindset shifts you will have to make is how to rethink how you see challenges. If you look at obstacles as opportunities, you are always growing and learning new things. At the heart of every successful business venture is the wisdom acquired by the reality of the obstacles around you.  Here are five ways to shift the way you approach obstacles and turn them into triumphs.


1.     Let Go of Fear

The most overwhelming obstacle a business owner must overcome is fear. We all have that voice in our head saying “You can’t do this.” But to be successful you must let go of the fear that comes with new endeavors. Leadership is the greatest characteristic of entrepreneurs. When you understand that it’s not the obstacle that needs to be removed but the fear,  you have obtained the level of leadership needed to triumph over anything.

2.     Believe In Yourself

If you believe you can, you will. How you see yourself plays an important role in how you approach obstacles.  It’s vital that you daily remind yourself of your strengths and accomplishments.  Don’t focus on how far you have to go but how far you’ve  come.  The more confidence you have  in your  ability to achieve, the easier it becomes to not only face every obstacle head on but to triumph over it as well.

3.    Think Small

When facing an obstacle, try breaking it down into smaller, more manageable pieces. For example, I you have a large project to complete for a client, don’t try to complete it all at one time. Sit down and build a  series of steps that will get the job done accurately. Most big obstacles can be achieved when you chop them down to a workable size..

4.    Build A Successful Team

When starting a business, it is so important to have a great support system. When I launched my business, I constantly inquired with mentors, peers and various professionals who had experience launching their own businesses. I can not stress enough the  needed to network and start meeting other like-minded people who are passionate about what they’re doing.  Having the support you need around you will help keep you focused on your goals, and not your obstacles.

5.   Ask For Help

When you’re facing one road block after another, it’s hard to successfully get anything done. Never be afraid to ask for help. There will be many things that you will not be able to do alone. It takes a village to grow a business. First,  determine exactly what kind of help you need and seek out the best people who can help you. Some obstacles are not in your realm of expertise, and reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness. When you are seeking triumph, be wise and use all of the resources around you.



Written by Beverly S. Davis

November 18, 2012 at 5:25 pm

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