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Consistency: Still A Major Key To Success

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Success Isn’t always About Greatness. It’s About Consistency. Consistent Hard Work Gains Success.

All new endeavors are started with the best of intentions.  Starting a new business is full of emotional highs and lows. When you find yourself facing more lows than highs more often or not, what gives is the consistency of your work ethic and strategy. To establish yourself as force in your field you must develop a habit of consistency. Your service may be good, but it’s consistency that will make you great. Commitment to time, effort and continued refining of your services results in a constant flow of customer who embrace your business.

The character of your brand is your most valuable asset. What you say, what you do and how you do it should always be constant. If your conversation and behavior is built around chaos, you will lose value among your peers and potential customers. Chaos eventually leaks into business decisions and partnerships, as it’s only the chaotic who are drawn to chaos.  Following through daily is a must in growing your business. Business growth requires a track record of successful experiences. You can’t build a track record if you do not have a consistent strategy that you follow.  Potential customers need to see a predictable flow from you in order to trust you. The more consistent you are in business the more you will be valued, the more valued you are the more you will grow.

Consistency in what you say:   Develop and maintain good communication skills.

  • Always be clear about what your business does and does not do. Gray areas only lead to confusion.
  • Develop written outline of your company’s services. Have a verbal discussion and be sure new customers have a copy.
  • Follow through with phone calls and emails. People wont work with someone they can’t keep up with.
  • Don’t assume anything. Keep clients /staff up to date on projects. Hold weekly/monthly meeting in person or virtually.

Consistency in what you do:  People pay attention to what you do. Consistent value speaks for itself.

  • Focus on doing your best every time. Avoid cutting corners or making do.
  • Plan smart. Take the time to research and build a powerful plan for each project. The smarter the plan, the smoother the process.
  • Get to know your customer and their business. Understand how you can give e the highest level of service to them.
  • Stay ahead of the pitfalls that your customer could face.  Make your customers look good and they will keep coming back.
  • Always meet deadlines. Time is money, and if customers feel they are wasting money on delays they will part ways.
  • Go the extra mile. Add a special something (specific to their business needs) that the customer may not have been expecting.
  • Have regular brainstorming sessions to develop new ways your company can service customers.

Written by Beverly S. Davis

March 12, 2014 at 11:50 am

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