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3 Ways To State Your Value And Sell Yourself

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Successfully selling yourself requires hard work, focus and remembering; Great work is not cheap. Cheap work is not great.

Like most business owner’s, my  revenue is sustained by clients who say yes. It’s imperative that I consistently convince people to choose me over someone else. I know pretty well what it means to go into a meeting and have to sell yourself. To thrive in any type of business, you must know how to market yourself in the right way. Self-marketing doesn’t have to be a dreaded process if  your marketing is designed to promote who you really are.

When you are establishing long-term lucrative businesses relationships you have to be able to state your value so that clients who initially say yes, will say yes over and over again. Here are three ways to help make your process of stating your value and selling yourself.

1. Be the “best” version of you

Remember, you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. Who you are as a person could be very different from who you are as a brand. When you’re meeting with potential clients for the first time it’s important to make yourself as appealing as possible. Ninety percent of all communication is non-verbal. Your posture and your facial expressions play a huge part in how you are received. Be sure to make eye contact and remain engaged and enthusiastic throughout the meeting. Selling yourself is a lot like being a rock star. You may be one person in private but a completely different person on stage. If that’s the case, develop an alter ego that if confident, straight forward and willing to stand strong for what you deserve. Have a positive attitude, trust yourself to be a winner and always remind yourself of your strengths and accomplishments.

2. Come out of hiding

It’s not just enough to start your business. New businesses are started everyday and there’s way too much competition for you to chain yourself to the desk. You need to network, communicate, and engage with people on a regular basis. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Attend workshops, conferences and events that are outside your field. Recently, I attended a tech startup event. I have a general interest in tech because I use it everyday, but at the event I was able to connect with entrepreneurs and professionals who happened to need accounting services. Take the time to build a rapport with people from all industries. It’s good to build friendship that could eventually lead to business relationships or referrals. Build professional contacts, engage regularly with industry peers and never be afraid to expand your comfort zone.

3. Be a cut above the rest

Don’t be boring or unoriginal. Take the time and do the work. Get to know your potential client’s business. Visit their website; notice how they market themselves, and what they see as their primary goals. Understand what they do, and be able to present examples different ways that you can help them. Don’t waste time talking about the types of services you provide, make your value proposition about the company. Talk about what you can do specifically for their company.  Most importantly share your story. There may be many other people offering the same service or products that you do, but not for the same reason. At some point during your meeting, give the potential client an impression of who you are by telling them why you do what you’re doing. Your personal story will establish what your values are, what you’re passionate about, and what sets you apart from everyone else.

At the end of every meeting, establish a path to move forward.  Perhaps set up a second meeting at this point, or agree to communicate further via email.  A prompt follow-up tells potential clients that you’re invested in them. It sends a message that you’re interested in their business and helping to make them more successful. To that any smart business person  would say yes.


Written by Beverly S. Davis

December 17, 2012 at 1:16 pm

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The Benefits of Open Business Circles

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Networking is cultivating mutually beneficial relationships. The goal should be to develop a large and diverse group of people who will gladly and continually refer a lot of business to you.  –Bob Burg

Networking helps expand the publicity and profitability of your business.  It can also help you to obtain business information and skills from leaders at all levels. Typically when we think of networking we think of business partners within our industry, but there are enormous benefits in opening up your business circles outside of your industry. Open business circles gives you an extra set of eyes & ears. You can double your knowledge in less time just by the company you keep.

Be receptive to how other industries approach marketing or productivity.  Just because someone is in a different industry than you doesn’t mean you can not learn from their approach or business practices. Collaboration is the new power strategy that successful businesses use to grow. Diversity within and outside of your industry is a huge catalyst to expansion. With a better view of many business tactics you increase your leverage to reach a variety of customers and your ability to deal with out of the box business situations.

Self-similarity inhibits your network circles

Network with people who are different from you and also different from one another. Participate in activities and events where diverse people come together. Join groups online or within your community. Start having conversations and invite individuals to connect who are outside your industry. Groups such as Toastmasters is an excellent way for beginners to step out of their comfort zone and interact with various professionals.  Networking is not always about what someone can do for you or what you can do for them. The best benefit of networking is to learn something that you didn’t know.

What you can learn networking  outside your industry:

  • Different ways to market or brand your business
  • Different ways to tackle problems in the office
  • Different ways your services could help others

Your best referrals are outside of your industry

Professionals outside of your industry are valuable to your business circle because they will share your business services with others that you may not have daily contact with.  Take the time to build strong relationships with others who do not do what you do. Word of mouth and referrals brings great profits and you never know when someone outside your industry will meet someone who could use your services.

What business perks can come from networking outside your industry:

  • Word of mouth referrals
  • Business collaborations/partnerships
  • Speaking invitations
  • Blogging invitations

Regardless of what industry you’re in, you must constantly search for different resources to help learn new skills and concepts of doing business. As you approach expanding your business, don’t underestimate the power of networking. Getting out of your comfort zone and can be a refreshing and enlightening experience. Reaching outside your industry you’ll find new, exciting conversations and possibly new profits that you didn’t even know what there.

Written by Beverly S. Davis

July 23, 2012 at 2:48 pm

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